Asset Management Program


Asset Management Program


Being a leader in the online trading market BlackBull Markets is known for our institutional past and the technology that we bring to the retail side of trading as well. This key strength and the connections we have in the industry allow us to bring these key prices. spreads and best bid execution speeds to clients of all situations as everyone deserves a chance. 


  • Our Asset Management Program allows for capital introductions between top traders looking to trade more money and investors looking for traders to manage their money.


  • Our unique fund structure and marketing team can create awareness and help promote hidden talented traders in the industry and through our institutional technology connect and allow them to trade investors money. 


  • Our talented Asset Management team can broker introductions on a larger scale to pension plans, endowments, hedge funds and private banks and validate your track record


  • Some success stories include traders starting with small accounts and slowly growing them to  a point where major global hedge funds have offered them jobs or delegated a large amount of capital for them to trade. 


If you are looking to partner with one of these top traders in our firm contact us as well and we can connect you with some of the best traders in the indtusry to grow your account

Please email our Institutional Division for more information and setting up a solution: