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At BlackBull Markets, our clients have access to different amounts of leverage that translates into purchasing power.  This means that smaller moves in the market can be as profitable as the larger ones.  Using this leverage, our clients can speculate and profit from global currency flows as different currencies increase and decrease in value with volatility.  

Click below to learn how to trade from beginners to proessionals looking for that strategy or edge in the market place. 

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Lesson 1: What is FOREX

Lesson 2: Trading the Market 

Lesson 3: Market Structure 

Lesson 4: Trading Sessions

Lesson 5: How to Make Money?

Lesson 6: Types of Forex Orders

Lesson 7: Forex Broker Types

Lesson 8: Choosing a Broker

Lesson 9: Types of Forex Analysis

Lesson 10: Types of Forex Charts

Lesson 11: Support and Resistance