MAM and PAMM System




The BlackBull Markets PAMM system has been painstakingly crafted and created for all our valued clients. Our clients can use this system as a method of investment or to manage other accounts. Optimised for institutional use, we are proud to offer this service free for all our retail clients!


With the launch of our new portal, BlackBull Markets is introducing a Social Trading Plugin, where clients can browse and select Money Managers (MM) to invest in. The performance of these MM accounts will be visible to all our traders who can then decide where to invest their money. This gives investors the chance to make money without having to trade themselves.


Furthermore, it is easy to become a Money Manager! You just link your own trading accounts and show their performance to other people. People who wish to invest in your account can do so. This allows MM's the chance to earn additional income for manging their investors’ funds. With this setup, there is a real potential for everyone to make money. 


Account managers can set certain conditions for their investors, including the level of leverage and minimum funding required to invest. They can set their own performance fees and create a comprehensive money manager profile. There is incentive for them to perform well, as they make can make more money from investors and attract even more funding.


Money Managers can also be set up with a MAM (Multi Account Manager) to provide them a complete and transparent overview of all their investor accounts. They can view account performance, the open and closed trades, and the account performances. The MAM platform is intuitive with clear graphical representations, designed for the institutional Forex trading package. BlackBull Markets is proud to offer this service for our valued clients.