Opening an Account


How to open a demo account
You can open a free demo account by filling out our registration form: 

  • Your account type will automatically be 'BB Demo'
  • Please fill in your personal details (Legal name, email, password, phone, country)
    • Please keep a copy of your password somewhere safe.
  • Once you click 'Create Account' - you will be taken to a page with the download link for MT4.
  • Watch our Youtube video for an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to install MT4 on Windows 

BlackBull Markets’ free demo accounts offer the same service and lightning fast execution speeds as our live accounts.


How to open a live account
You can open a BlackBull ECN live account by filling out our registration form: 

  • Please select your account application type (Individual or Corporate)
  • Please fill in your personal details (legal name, company name, registration number if applicable, email, password, phone, date of birth)
    • Please keep a copy of your password somewhere safe.
  • Please fill in your address and ensure you select your country from the dropdown box.
    • Please ensure your inputted address matches the address on your legal documentation as we will need to confirm your application.
  • Upload your legal documents for the application (less than 2mb in size)
    • Upload a current legal ID as proof of identification
    • Upload a current legal documentation as proof of address
  • Once you click 'Create Account' - you will be taken to a page with the download link for MT4.

BlackBull Markets hopes you’ll enjoy the institutional level of security, service and lightning fast execution speeds of our platform.

If you wish to open a corporate or trust account, please email for more information


Do I have to provide any documents to BlackBull Markets?
Yes, in accordance with our AML policy, we require a copy of your proof of identification and a proof of address to open a live account.

Please ensure they are less than 2mb in size and are in pdf or jpg format.

  • Your ID or proof of identification can be your passport, driver’s license or a national identity card.
  • Your proof of address can be a current utilities bill (phone, water electricity) or a bank statement.
  • We do not accept expired documentation.


What is the maximum size for uploading documents?
When creating a live account, you can upload documents up to 2mb in size. If the file sizes are too big, you will be redirected to the start of the registration page. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you are experiencing difficulty, please email our support team at 


What is the minimum deposit?
In order to open a live account, we require a minimum deposit of 200 USD. This can be done easily with a variety of methods for client convenience.


What is the minimum deposit for all accounts?
The minimum deposit to open a Standard account is 200 USD. For a Prime Account it is 2,000 USD. Finally, we require 20,000 USD for an Institutional account.


What leverages are available for me?

Account Equity (USD) Maximum Leverage
0 - 50k 400:1 - 500:1
50k - 200k 200:1
200k - 1m 100:1
1m + 50:1


What account is right for me?
BlackBull Markets offers three types of accounts, Standard, Prime and Institutional. Each account has different minimum deposit requirements and services, the right account type would mostly depend on your funding size. If you want to find out more, go to this link here: 


I am a citizen of xxxxx, can i open an account?
BlackBull Markets allows clients from most countries except USA, New Zealand and a list of others. For more details, please read our Terms & Conditions:
The list of countries we do not accept clients from are at the bottom.


Do you offer Islamic account without swaps?
Yes we do offer swap-free Islamic accounts. These are accounts with no swap rates or rollover costs on overnight positions.

You can open an Islamic account by opening an account with us, then contacting

Once received, we will then change your account type accordingly. Please note, BlackBull Group Limited reserves the right to revoke this granted swap-free status in the event of any form of abuse.


If you’d like more details you can visit


How long can I keep my demo account inactive?
If your demo account remains inactive for 30 days, then it will be closed. You will need to open a new free demo account.


How long can I keep my live account active?
As long as your live account has funds in it, BlackBull Markets will not close your account. If there are no funds in your account, we will keep your account open for 6 months before closing it.


Is there a minimum amount of transactions I need to make per month?
No, as long as there is funding in your account, it will not close.


How do I log in to my account/client portal?
Once you have signed up and your live account have been approved, you will receive an email with a sign in link. Or you can sign in with your email and password here: 


My application has been denied. Why?
We are sorry to hear that your application has been denied, there could be multiple reasons why we have denied your application:

  • You may from the US or NZ (We cannot accept US citizens due to new regulations)

  • You may be from another country we do not accept clients from.

  • Your ID has expired or is not eligible.

  • Your proof of address is not current. Or not been posted within the past two months.

  • You haven’t confirmed your email address. 

Please contact our support staff or your account manager to specify the reason.


My account says it is invalid?
Your login details may have been inputted incorrectly. If the problem persists, contact your account manager or our support team.


What if I’ve forgotten my password/login name for MT4?
Contact your account manager or our support team. You may need to prove your identity.


What if I forgot my Login ID or password for my account portal?
Your Login ID would be the email address you used to open your account. If you forgot your password you can click ‘forgot password’ and follow the process or contact your account manager to send you a temporary password.


How do I change my password?
On the left hand side of your account portal, go onto ‘settings’ and then ‘personal settings’. There you can reset your password. If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact our support team at


How do I change to a different type of account?
Please contact your account manager and they will change your account type providing you have meet all the account requirements.


Is there a commission?
There is no commission on the standard account, however on our Prime and Institutional accounts there is a $6 USD standard round turn commission on every lot you trade. BlackBull Markets seeks to provide its clients the lowest costs without forgoing a premium level of service.


Can commision be negotiated?
We do offer commission rebate options on our institutional account, however these are based on your funding size and your trading sizes. Please discuss this with your account manager for details.