Risk Management Services



At Black Bull Markets, Risk Management is handled by our strong term of experts with strong backgrounds and experience in the Banking and Investment World performing at an institutional level.

Their only job is to completely maximise your earning potential and squeeze out every extra bit of profit they can through complex reporting, unique in house algorithm analysis and audit due diligence in order to optimise your book based on your goals as a brokerage. 

The team is highly experienced and adaptable to all sizes of brokers and risk appetites based on the MT4 platform.
We offer two differing plans from full service where we handle everything so that your brokerage can focus on sales and operations and the consulting plan where we help, train and set up your own staff in order for you to handle things in house. 

Due to demand we now can create a hybrid model where we work with and train a member or members of your team alongside with ours to give you the sense of control over one of the most important aspects of your business. 

An example of this can be seen where during your business hours a member of your team manages the book alongside our team as well. After your team member heads home instead of having to hire another 2 staff to cover the remainder of the markets we switch on completely and manage the remaining time slots.

Why? This lets you focus on growing your business by hiring sales and operations people instead of risk management leading to faster business development and efficient use of resources. Ask our staff about our case studies to show how much money you can both make and save.


 Complete book management and optimisation

 Maximise Revenue, lower costs

 Real time arbitrage prevention  (Algorithm)                                   

 Lower risk of arbitrage losses

 Daily, Monthly and Quarterly Reporting  

 Transparency and Tracking business performance

 Position Exposure Monitoring

 Have all of your LP accounts optimized 

 Fully Managed Risk Solution

 Can spend more resources growing the business
 Hands on training on Risk Management

 Learn key knowledge from our decades experience in RM


For free consultation please contact us below. We could love to help grow your business with us no matter how large or small you are.


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