“In today’s market, the most successful traders use the best technology.” 

BlackBull Markets considers this statement to be paramount. As such, we offer clients the ultimate trading advantage, offering:


  • Top-of-the-line technology
  • 2-5 millisecond execution speeds
  • Trading servers located in the heart of Wall Street, New York
  • Fibre optic cable connection
  • Institutional grade, high-load servers removing the possibility of a bottleneck


Our clients enjoy a rare sense of rapid execution not commonly found outside major hedge funds and investment banks. Lightning fast servers allow usage of multi-tiered best bid/offer aggregation technology. This means using multiple liquidity providers by constantly processing the live interbank spread quotes. When you place a trade it is processed to the cheapest current liquidity provider we have in our system to make sure you get the best possible price available. All of these systems and algorithms running through our servers mean that no matter which trading platform you use, our execution engine facilitates a highly efficient integration of data and information flow every time a trade is placed.


  • New York NY4 Equinix Data Centre
  • State of the Art Technology infrastructure
  • Direct fiber optic connection to Liquidity Provider (Tier 1 banks)
  • Sub-milliseconds execution speed.


We constantly aim to improve ourselves in order to offer clients the best possible service. As such plans to construct our own platform in order to meet experienced trader requirements at the institutional level, as well as giving our new clients the best chance of profiting, are currently underway. These key pieces of technology contribute to our client’s power in the market, for which BlackBull Markets is known and regarded to be the best in the industry.